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3 ways our paper products can be an extension of your brand

Branding is as important in the catering industry as in any other sector, helping businesses to give their customers a clear idea of the service and values that drive them. Key to communicating any brand is its logo and any logo needs to be seen as much as possible both by existing customers and potential ones. Our paper products provide the ideal backdrop to showcase your logo and help your brand stand out.


Paper products are a reflection of your brand

Catering consumables, which are non-food disposable items, are a key component of any restaurant or catering business especially in an era where takeout plays an increasingly important role. Whether it’s paper takeaway containers, napkins or disposable paper cups, the list of products available is significant. Every paper product you choose to include in your business needs to be carefully chosen to reflect the image you are trying to create. Key to this for restaurants is also focusing on eco-friendly and biodegradable takeaway food containers.

And make sure your brand is seen. Get exposure by putting your brand out there, as often and as effectively as you can, and this is not just putting up social media posts and blogs but also on your paper products. Consider investing also in bespoke consumables, such eco-friendly takeaway food containers and paper cups for hot drinks.  That’s why we believe in offering a vast array of products in different sizes and formats with different textures and materials so one can pick and customise the product that best fits the company brand identity and market positioning. 


Whether it’s paper takeaway containers, napkins or disposable paper cups, the list of products available is significant.


Showcase your restaurant’s positioning in the market.

Take-outs are no longer the preserve of the cheap meal and the takeaway packaging you use – from the paper takeaway containers to the disposable paper cups need to reflect your brand and how you want your brand to be perceived. And they indeed represent the brand. The more people see your brand, the more recognizable it becomes, and they will start to seek it. 

Consider your audience both at the branding design stage and after. Who is your target audience? Is it a young vibrant group who like colour and are more accepting of different ideas like a unconventionally spelled brand name? Or is your brand aimed at more conservative people who prefer something predictable without surprises? All this should be reflected in the colour scheme and design of your brand, and therefore in the paper products you wish your establishment to use.  The latter serve as added collateral for your brand positioned vis-a-vis the various market segments you are trying to reach.


Paper products as a marketing tool

High-quality paper takeaway containers and packaging travels far from your business outlet, meaning it can grab people’s attention everywhere, as it increases business visibility. In fact, apart from keeping the drink hot or the food warm until it is picked-up or delivered, take-away packaging not only enhances the experience for your current customers, but attracts potential customers who might witness your customers enjoying the food. 

Apart from helping you deliver the right experience to your patrons, whether it’s drinking a small espresso for an intense experience or using paper napkins to mop up a spill – our products can also help you obtain the right image for your brand. 

Speak to us today and see how NCordina can help you extend your brand with our paper products.

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