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About Us

N. Cordina Marketing Ltd is a privately owned family business with over 30 years of experience importing and supplying different products in Malta. 

Our product ranges and services are wide and varied, including detergents for industrial and institutional users; chemicals for industry and for water treatment; paper and tissue paper products; disposables; packing materials and more. 

Our company prides itself on building strong and long-term relationships with leading and quality manufacturers and supports this with specialised technical knowledge and service. 

This site links our customers, be they factory managers, hoteliers, swimming pool owners, cleaning contractors or restaurateurs to information about our company and our products.

Company Policy

N.Cordina always vouches to conduct its business in a holistic, customer focused manner whilst always retaining the highest levels of quality across the board. In line with this aim, a Quality Management System based on the requirements of SM EN ISO 9001:2015 was adapted. N. Cordina successfully achieved ISO certification in 2022.

The following strategic objectives have been established to be pursued through the Quality Management System:

Long Term Vision

  • To establish long-lasting business relationships with the customer and external providers, built on mutual trust that have strong potential for development and growth.
  • To perform at optimum efficiency in every aspect of the operations in order to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus

  • To ensure seamless operations
  • To provide excellent service by putting the customer at the centre of all activities.
  • To meet customer requirements in a timely and professional manner without ever comprising the business ethics and principles.
  • To provide a flexible service that suits the needs of the customer.
  • To provide customers with a personalised, high value and comprehensive service.




  •  To ensure that all staff are adequately trained to perform their assigned duties.
  • To ensure that all staff are able to adapt to difficult and unforeseen operational circumstances.
  • To harness and develop the experience and knowledge gained over the years.
  • To encourage synergy, teamwork and cooperation between the employees of N.Cordina Marketing Ltd. and also with the employees of the customer.


  • To acquire products from reliable external providers/suppliers who are leaders in the field with a high commitment towards product quality and value for money.


  • To remain committed to continuous improvement in all work practices.
  • To constantly demonstrate leadership, nurture the culture of good quality and continuous improvement across N.Cordina Marketing Ltd.

So far, we distributed and serviced our Cleaning supplies to the following businesses: