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3 Reasons to Choose Calcium Hypochlorite (Chlorine) for a Crystal Clear Swimming Pool

It is that time of year when you prepare your home swimming pool for a memorable Summer.  After cleaning the pool, servicing the pump, changing (or cleaning) filters and filling your pool, make sure to choose the right chemicals to create a crystal clear swimming pool for the hot summer months.  For an enjoyable and hygienic swimming experience, a vast range of chlorine is available, but Calcium Hypochlorite stands out as an excellent choice for keeping your pool water pristine and inviting.

In this blog post, we will present the main three reasons why Calcium Hypochlorite is the preferred option over other types of chlorine.


Superior Disinfection Power

Effective Bacterial and Algae Control

Calcium Hypochlorite is highly effective in killing and eliminating bacteria and controlling algae through its disinfection power. It swiftly eliminates harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, that can pose health risks to your family and guests. By using Calcium Hypochlorite, you can ensure a safe and hygienic swimming environment for you, your family and friends.

Calcium Hypochlorite quickly releases chlorine upon contact with water, enabling rapid disinfection of the whole pool. This fast chlorine release helps maintain a consistent chlorine residual, preventing the growth of harmful organisms and maintaining water clarity throughout summer. It allows for prompt treatment of any contamination and ensures that your pool water remains crystal clear.


Long Shelf Life and Stability

Extended Storage Period

Calcium Hypochlorite has a long shelf life compared to other forms of chlorine, such as sodium hypochlorite or cyanuric variants. Calcium Hypochlorite remains stable for an extended period, making it a convenient choice for both home pool owners and commercial pools (ex. Hotel Swimming Pools and Aquatic Clubs’ Pools). Storage of Calcium Hypochlorite is favourable over other types of Chlorine as it loses its effectiveness very slowly over time when compared to other forms.

Easy Handling and Dosage Control

HTH™ Calcium Hypochlorite is available in granular or tablet form, providing ease of handling and precise dosage control. You can easily measure and add the required amount of Calcium Hypochlorite to your pool, ensuring accurate chlorination levels. This ease of use and control contributes to the overall maintenance and clarity of your swimming pool.

Our HTH™ Chlorine Granules (available in stock in 25kg drums) contain the right amount of active Chlorine for the best results. It will destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae, is compatible with all types of filtering equipment and is suitable for use with all kinds of water, including very hard water.

Using an easy-to-use Chlorine and pH test kit is a convenient way of testing water for both pH and chlorine residual in your swimming pools.  Additionally we offer free water testing using our Chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid test tablets to test the water attributes of your swimming pool.If you need a helping hand we are always one call away.  We also help out clients to test their water in our state of the art laboratory in our Qormi facilities.


Cost-Effective Solution

The top-of-the-range USA-originating HTH™ Calcium Hypochlorite is a cost-effective pool chlorination option, offering excellent value for money. It is readily available and often more affordable than other types of chlorine. Choosing Calcium Hypochlorite allows you to maintain a sparkling swimming pool without breaking the bank.

Calcium Hypochlorite has a high chlorine concentration, meaning that a smaller quantity can achieve the desired sanitisation levels. Its efficiency in disinfection and algae control translates to reduced chemical usage, saving you money in the long run. By choosing Calcium Hypochlorite, you can achieve optimal pool water clarity while minimising your chemical expenses.  Calcium Hypochlorite is also ideal for indoor pools for other colder months.

For a crystal clear swimming pool, opt for Calcium Hypochlorite for your pool chlorination. Its superior oxidising power will ensure your pool is always inviting and ready for refreshing experiences.

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