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Automatic Spray Dispenser (DISPA)

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The Rival Automatic Spray Dispenser is an automatic spray dispenser which can be left free-standing or be wall mounted. This dispenser works using an electromechanical valve, making it much more power efficient. The required 3 x AA batteries for its functioning will typically last up to 3 months on moderate settings.

The dispenser is fully programmable: Day, night, 24 o’clock position, 7,5min, 15min, 30min.

Discreet and fits perfectly into any room, available in plain white. Perfect for any room or venue, such as restaurants/hotels/offices.

Takes large refills of 400ml (Scented (Carissima) or Insecticide) and includes a red LED flashing light to indicate that the refill/battery is empty.The green LED blinks if it is enabled. Dimensions: 280x100x85 mm (HxWxD) Weight: 403 g Battery: AA.