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Floor Cleaner

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Britewash™ Floor Cleaner is a neutral liquid product which cleans and freshens in one easy step. The product contains no polish additives and whilst dry buffing will enhance the surface finish, there is no need to buff after use. Consequently Britewash Floor Cleaner is ideal for non-mechanised floor care-systems. It is a fast and efficient cleaner requiring no rinsing. Suitable for use in washroom, shower and toilet areas, where it provides a single stage cleaning and sanitizing process, leaving all surfaces clean and germ free. Britewash Floor Cleaner is recommended for all water washable floor surfaces including ceramic, vinyl, linoleum, thermoplastic, rubber, sealed wood and cork, marble and terrazzo.

  • Britewash™ Floor Cleaner Blue (DISB)
  • Britewash™ Floor Cleaner Violet (DISV)
  • Britewash™ Floor Cleaner Yellow (DISY)