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Liquid Soap (LSG5)

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Britewash™ liquid soap is a highly economical, medium active neutral detergent for general use. It is a blend of anionic and nonionic surface active agents which give very acceptable results as a general cleaner and at the same time being very reasonably priced. This product is high foaming. Britewash liquid soap may be used either manually for the cleaning of dishes, pots and pans, cutlery etc. in a basin, or by brush, mop or swab, in soak tanks or via pressure washing equipment. It is suitable for use in both soft and hard water areas. Use as a solution of one part product to 30-40 parts water. May be used with cold water but warm water will give better results.

  • Britewash™ Liquid Soap Green (LSG5)
  • Britewash™ Liquid Soap Yellow (LSY5)