Afflammit ASN™ Fire Retarding (FLA25)

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Aflammit ASN™ is a flame-retardant finish based on Ammonium-Phosphorus compounds, preferably used for all fabrics and textures made from cellulose fibres, wool fibres and mixtures thereof. The product is not suited for textiles made from acetate and synthetic fibres. According to the test approval P-BWU03-1-16.5.148 by the Forschungs- und Materialpr√ºfungsanstalt f√ºr das Bauwesen in Stuttgart ( FMPA ), Aflammit ASN™ is suited for flameretardant finishing according to DIN 4102, class B of cellulose fibre fabrics like cotton, linen and viscose (with the exception of jute). Available in 25ltr boxed drum.